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Grooming at Chapel Hill Pet Resort

Dog Boarding and Grooming in a pleasant Resort Atmosphere
Hours of Operation:

Door to Door Service
Available by request
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Grooming Prices:

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The Gooming Suite

The bath!

Schnauzer Grooming

Yorkie Grooming

Portuguese Water Dog Grooming

Lhasa-Mix Grooming

Small Terrier-Mix Grooming

Japanese Chin Grooming

Creative Color Grooming

  • Full Grooming and Exit Baths Available
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    Toy Dog Grooming "Sport Cuts"

    GoldenDoodle Grooming

    GoldenDoodle Grooming

    Custom SheepaDoodle Grooming

    Westie Grooming

    Westie Grooming

    BerneDoodle Grooming

    BerneDoodle Grooming

    Wheaten Grooming

Before & After Grooming

Welsh Terrier Grooming

Morkie Grooming (Maltese x Yorkie)

Schnoodle Grooming

Mini Labradoodle Grooming

Jack Russell Grooming

Cairn Terrier Grooming
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