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Pet Boarding
Dog Boarding and Grooming in a pleasant Resort Atmosphere
Hours of Operation:

Owner Drop Off and Pickup Times
Monday - Saturday:
8-10 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.
8-10 a.m. and 5 - 6 p.m.

Door to Door Service Available by request ~ Call for Prices


Pickup and Delivery
Available Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays
$35-45 each way

2023 Boarding Prices: (Prices Effective January 2024)

    Small ~ $30/night
    Medium ~ $32/night
    Large ~ $35/night
    Extra Large ~ $37/night

  • 24/7 Care
  • Separate Small Dog Boarding
  • Large Dog Boarding
  • Web Cams (Coming soon...)
  • Customized care to your individual dog's needs
  • 2.5 Acre Dog Park (6' fenced with lots of trees and grass)
  • Indoor Training/Play Building (Coming Spring/Summer 2012)
  • Grooming Available
  • Pick Up and Delivery Available Monday - Thursday and Friday by Appointment weather permitting
  • Daycare Available
  • Private luxury VIP cottage with separate wrought iron fenced yard (for pets 20 lbs. or less)


* Chapel Hill Pet Resort is a licensed and inspected boarding facility in the State Of Missouri.

Vaccination Requirements:
  • Rabies - current
    Parvo/Distemper - current as to owner's veterinarian recommendations.
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) - current
  • Flea/Tick Prevention - current

All dogs must be:

  • Well socialized
  • Friendly with all dogs and people, including children
  • Spayed or neutered unless being actively shown

Bring your own food in a covered Rubbermaid type container with the pet's name on top and all feeding/Medication descriptions. We try to imitate same feeding habits as at home.

Each pet gets a Coolaroo bed and a soft fleece to top it off. Your own pet's bedding is allowed as long as it will fit in my washer if need be.


  1. Proof of Vaccination
    or email to with Owner/Pet name in subject line.

  2. Guest Dog on Leash
    We remove leashes and collars once safely inside gated area for safety.

  3. Food in Size Appropriate Container with Lid for length of stay. Please have Guest's name on container.
    Individual portions in ziploc baggies in a bag are acceptable.
    No open bags please.
    We offer Taste of the Wild food on request for an additional charge.

  4. Medicines clearly labeled with dosage.
    $1/dose additional charge.

  5. Each Guest gets a Platform Cot/Bed.
    You may bring a small blanket, pad or bed.

  6. Toys welcome.
    They will be in Guest's private room/run.

  7. Healthy Treats welcome.
    No rawhides or bones, please.

Please feel free to call the Main Reservation Line at (816) 668-8911. It will go to voicemail. Please give us 24 hours to return calls at that number. You are more than welcome to call/text Lisa's Cell at (816) 668-8911 with questions and reservations. That method will get a quick response.

No One Likes Pills Shoved Down Their Throat!
Many of us, including our pets are on oral medication. Please bring a tasty, non-refrigerated treat for your dog to help make the experience pleasant for them and us! Thank you!


  1. Please text 10 minutes prior to arrival. 816-668-8911
  2. There is a short gravel drive to the right hand side of the yellow building at the end of the driveway. Please stay in car and wait at gate.
  3. We will watch for you and open the gate so you can drive in. Once you are inside we will close the gate. You are now in a fully fenced parking lot. An attendant will be there to check you in/out.
  4. Your dog will be led to or brought to you from a safe holding pen.
  5. We will then open the gate and you can drive out.
  6. It is an outdoor environment. Masks are appreciated.
  7. Any entrance into the resort interior spaces will require a mask.

Thank you!

Property Description: Full Service small and large dog boarding facility located on a beautiful 25 acres of rolling hills with mature shade trees. 2.5 acre 6' fenced Dog Park. 5 Large grassy play areas as well as 23 pea gravel runs. Large and Small dog Boarding is totally separate. Full Capacity is 30 dogs.

Property Grounds

  • Separate Large Dog kennel building and Small Dog Boarding.
  • 6' x 8' indoor runs with raised beds.
  • All climate controlled (air conditioned and heated) for your pets comfort.

Raised platform Beds
Two happy guests on their raised platform bed

Large Dog Facilities

Large Dog Boarding

Each larger dog gets an inside 6'x8' room with a Coolaroo bed in the climate controlled building. Surrounding the building are 23 large covered 6,000-8,000 square foot pea graveled play yards. Adjacent is our 2 1/2 acre dog park. All is securely fenced with 6 foot 9 gauge chain link fencing. There are two play yards that are topped for the climbers.

Small Dog Facilities

Separate Small dog boarding facilities. Separate 10 run area (attached to my home) for the "little ones" with their own 1/2 acre fenced yard

Small Dog Yard off of house
Small Dogs play in the Dog Yard off of the house

Photos of our new "Tiny Town" coming soon! Brand new ten runs for dogs fifteen pounds or less. And a private grassy yard.


Private VIP Cottage Available

Rent the 360 sq foot luxury cottage for privacy and extra special care. It is our VIP quarters for only the best behaved pets that are 20 lbs or less. The cottage is finished just like a house and has a pull out sleeper couch the pet can sleep on. Separate wrought iron fenced in yard. 24 hour attendant available. Cage free.
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