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About Chapel Hill Pet Resort
Dog Boarding and Grooming in a pleasant Resort Atmosphere
Chapel Hill Pet Resort LLC has been in operation since 2002 and is a licensed and inspected boarding facility in the State Of Missouri. We are located on a beautiful 25 acres of rolling hills and large mature trees with a completely 6' fenced in 2.5 acre Dog Park! We also have a 1/2 acre fenced in small dog area.

We have two fully climate controlled spacious kennel buildings. 6' x 8' individual indoor runs with raised platform beds. Eighteen large 6' fenced play yards surrounding the building are fine pea gravel. We also have 5 large grass play areas with gravel underneath for good drainage.


Owner/Proprietor: Lisa White, Husband Clark White and Stepdaughter Jordan

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Lisa and Clark White

Jordan and Rayne

"Chapel Hill Pet Resort is not just a place where dogs get to play and have fun when their parents are on vacation. It is my family's - me, my Dad and Lisa's life. We don't just feed and watch the dogs - No! - We play and have a fun time with all the cute puppies. Over the years I have learned tons of new stuff about dogs and life. It doesn't take long for me to learn something new. Every day I go to the kennel I learn something I will always need to know.

For my age, 13, I know more about dogs than most of grown ups I know. When I am not at my Dad and Lisa's at the Pet Resort, I am at my Grandparent's house with some friends after school. Chapel Hill Pet Resort is one big factor in my life, and with new stuff coming up I can't wait! Can anyone say Pool?! And a new building? I can't wait. It is fun helping people with their pets, and I hope one day we can help more people in the USA!"


Dogs are walked by leash to their runs, play yards, or the Dog Park. This allows us to provide a cleaner more controlled environment.

We individualize each dogs care. Special care, older dogs with special meds are no problem for Chapel Hill Pet Resort.

  • Small Dog Boarding
  • Large Dog Boarding
  • Grooming Available
  • 3 Astro AWD Vans for Pick Up & Delivery Available ~ so you can concentrate on getting ready for your vacation
  • Daycare Available
  • 360 sq foot luxury VIP cottage can be rented for pets

Clark loves on a Samoyed.


Mark Delich and Clark

Sandy Aldrich

"I have had a love for animals since I was a child. I have raised, trained and ridden horses for the last 26 years. I have been an active member of Greater KC Dog training club for the past 15 years, working with the club to put on Obedience and Agility trials and volunteering to teach classes. I have taught Agility classes for the past five years and have trained with some of the top competitors and instructors in the sport. I have raised and shown Australian Shepherds for the past 24 years. One of my achievments is an AKC USASA Hall of Fame Breeder #12. To accomplish this I raised and showed several dogs to their to Championships and put 35 performance titles on Aussies. I have trained with Gary Wilkes in clicker training and attended the Karen Pryor clicker Expo in 2011. I have given private classes in obedience and dog behavior. I have enjoyed working with "Paws On the Set" for the past 15 years."


My niece Mary Kate helps part-time at the kennel and loves the dogs.

"I'm seventeen, I started working at Chapel Hill Pet Resort at a young age, and my love for it has grown more and more over the years! Nothing makes me happier than interacting with the boarders, whether it's walking one to or from a run or stopping by a kennel to say hi! I've been showing dogs since I was eleven and have learned so much about them from both my experiences and from my Aunt Lisa. I currently have four dogs of my own, Meeka, Ping, Jonas, and Oliver, and tend to keep pictures of them on my phone to show to practically everyone I meet. When I'm not having a blast with all the pups at Chapel Hill, I can usually be found in my school's theater! I love acting and plan to participate in theater in college, as well as major in Secondary Education. My 3.6 GPA has gotten me into Mizzou, and even though I'm excited to head to Columbia next year, I'm hoping to come back and visit Chapel Hill as much as I can!"

Mary Kate

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